Thursday, May 30, 2013

better late than never

Ok, so I'm going to confess that this outfit I am not currently wearing today. 
I'm actually in workout clothes...go figure! This seems to be my go-to outfit lately. Not sure that is a good thing, or that I should be admitting that to you all. But hey...
 This is from about a week ago. I was planning on doing a post a couple of days ago. But, know how life goes. First we had the holiday, Memorial day, which ending up being a fun relaxing day at my in-laws. We barbecued with the whole fam, swam and played games. 
Then the girls and I ended up with the dreaded stomach bug again. Yes, again! Like I've said with a family of six, somebody is bound to be sick. Not good odds. But at least this time three of us had it at the same time. Usually it ends up being a month sickness, because one will get it then another and so on. So that was a positive. Sure didn't seem like it at the time, when they were taking turns throwing up all night. But its done and over with now, so wahoo!
Oh the things that bring joy to a mom. 

So here you are....even if it is a little late. 

shirt//2b   skirt//2b (similar here)   boots//ae

LOVE & HUGS....Libby

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

non-fashion designer DIY project

I actually did it folks!! 
A DIY project that I surprisingly finished and am pretty happy with the result of. 
Did still look so much cuter in my head. But hey I found a cheap shirt and enhanced the look, so what more could I ask for?!
Besides the reality is, I am not a fashion designer nor am I on project runway. So for just an average ole' girl and a mom of four, I'd say it turned out pretty darn cute. Right?! This is when my perfection ocd kicks in, and I have to convince myself it turned out okay. did!! You convinced?! 

shirt//diy target   shorts//american eagle   boots//target
watch//target   sunglasses//target

LOVE & HUGS.....Libby

Monday, May 20, 2013

summer, swimming & snow cones

This past weekend, we took the plunge (literally) and swam for the first time of the season. 
It was a little on the chilly side, but with a temp of 100 degrees, that eventually starts to feel refreshing. 
I convinced my kids that we needed to get "hot" before we go in, as if 100 degrees wasn't hot enough! So, I put the boys in the stroller and the girls got on their scooters and we briskly walked a 2 mile walk. In mid-afternoon, I might add. Let's just say we got hot
So, we swam and ate snow cones....
I can do this.....bring on the heat

dress//kohls   shoes//steve madden   clutch//american eagle

LOVE & HUGS....Libby

Monday, May 13, 2013

Cant make this stuff up

  I have a funny story.....
Well, its one of those stories that at first wasn't very funny. 
 But after looking at the situation and realizing there is nothing I can do.....I just started laughing! And not just a haha kind of laugh. An hysterical, full belly compulsions laugh. 
Now before I get to the story, let me just explain something about myself. I do not laugh easy. It has to 
be super duper funny to get me to break out in a gut wrenching laugh. I try to laugh, I really do....but most the time, its really not that funny. The hubs says I just don't have a sense of humor. Maybe he's right...ugh, hate for those words to come out of my mouth. But I just tell him, this is how God made me...boom!
Ok, lets get on to the funny part.....hope its as funny to read as it was for me going through it. Probably not, but here goes!
Friday we decided we were going to do pizza and movie night with fam. Homemade pizza I might add. Now I had everything to make the dough, but thats it. So figured after I get the girls from school, we would all just "quickly" run to the store. I get into the store with all four kids and they are being so good for me. So then deiced why not just go full blown grocery shopping. I can do this....had already made a trip to the bathroom, kids have snacks, were good. 
We have so much stuff, we actually had two carts. It takes a lot to feed a family of six. I load up all the kids, load up are two carts of groceries, go to drive away and the car won't start. Tried several times and  nothing. Oh and it was 100 degrees. Umm, this point I wasn't finding the situation to be very funny. 
The hubs is at work, and not answering my calls, which at that point just added to the frustration. I get it their busy working making our family a living. But aren't husbands supposed to get this intuition, that this call is not just a "how's your day going" kind of call, but a serious "I need help" call?! Ok, I might be asking too much, but at that moment, its seemed logical. 
I get a hold of my sis and she is coming to our rescue. We then transfer the all kids and all the groceries  to her car and finally make our decent home. We get in my neighborhood, and wouldn't you sister's car dies! Seriously....I can"t make this stuff up. Now, here's where the hysterical laughing comes in to play. We could not believe this was happening! At this point, there was nothing to do but laugh. I was just thankful we were in the neighborhood. 
I walk the kids home, pick up the stroller and head back to the car to start making trips with the food. Nothing like seeing a women walking a stroller, that has no kids in it, but is filled with food. 

And to think....I could had just got the pizza ingredients. But hey, I got a funny story and lots of memories from it!! 

tank//nordstroms (similar here)   jeans//anthropologie  (similar here)   scarf//forever21

My adorable kids on Mother's Day...blessed
Mother's Day lunch with my sister-in-law & mother-in-law

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day

LOVE & HUGS.....Libby

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

new chapter

Well, I officially have no more babies. 
Thats it folks.....I only have toddlers and children. 
This past weekend I had the boys' party and I guess now that its over, I need to except that I will be starting a new chapter of my life. 
There are some positives to not having babies, right?! Please tell me there are, because right now I'm struggling. 
Oh, I do get to sleep through the night.....thats a plus. Maybe now I will not have those dreaded bags under my eyes from all the sleepless nights! That is definitely a plus!! Ok, ok I am starting to see the light. I guess no matter what, they will always be my babies. 
So here's to a new chapter.....

tank//target   skirt//express   boots//american eagle

 Some pics of the boys' mustache party......
pictures don't do it justice.....slacked on the picture taking...eek!

LOVE & HUGS......Libby

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

me for me

I really try not to be one of those moms that just talk about their kids 24/7. 
I know it can be annoying. And what I find to be cute and fun to talk about, is more often not to others. But the reality of it is.....not only am I a mom, but my "job" consists of my kids as well. 
To be quite honest, it is actually really difficult to talk about other things. I always then tend to talk about material things or looks, which then only makes me look superficial. 
I mean, I do go deeper but that usually only comes out to the ones I'm super close with/feel comfortable  enough to just be "me". 
I am a big people pleaser.....which is not always a good thing. I want everyone to like me and feel hurt if they don't.  Which is why the deepness of me only comes out occasionally. But honestly, no matter what I do or how hard I try, there are going to be others that don't like me for whatever reason. 
All I can do is continue to be me, even if that does mean talking about my kids....
and hope that others like me for me.

 ha...thought it was only appropriate to throw in a pic of my kids

dress//nordstrom   flips//hollister    watch//michael kors (gift)

LOVE & HUGS......Libby

Monday, April 22, 2013

Change can be good

Hello there!! Do you all even remember me?! 
It has been a while and I so apologize! 
Life has just been quite busy here. 
We have had parties, soccer, softball, garage sales, parent/teacher conferences, sick babies, judging cheer tryouts and not to mention all the daily "mom" duties.  And this is just the beginning...
I have also managed to squeeze in getting my hair done. Now, I am always one of those that want to do something different with it, but am too chicken to actually do it. 
I'm going to be one of "those" people that has had the same look since high school....eek! 
Well, this time was different.....I bit the bullet and changed it up! You proud?! I am! 
And am extremely shocked at how much I like it. Not sure I will keep it for forever, but for now, I'm digging the change. 

dress//target (similar here) and here   belt//abercombie & fitch (similar here)   shoes//forever 21 

LOVE & HUGS......Libby